gesloten met vakantie

rotterdam, the netherlands, 2019

see you soon!

too hot for

P5262888-Bearbeiteteisenhüttenstadt, 2019

weird aquarium

P9161168tübingen, 2018

back to europe

P7230191for now…, montreal, 2018

goede nacht

PC300747belgië! antwerpen, 2018

he’s waiting for you

DSC09072-2the t-1000 herrenausstatter from friedrichshagen, berlin.

take me to your leader

dsc08112-2they have landed in neukölln, berlin, 2017

no cake today

P2230823-Bearbeiteta closed down cake mail-order business in berlin, neukölln, 2016

a merchant in venice

a merchant in venicebut they weren’t actually selling any kodak stuff anymore…

more words


this time from düsseldorf, though.

bike in blue

bike in bluea bike in blue in a closed shop in maastricht in limburg in the netherlands. this picture might conclude the little detour from berlin to the netherlands for some time now.


bag it up

bag upfound in a dry cleaner’s window in berlin moabit.

alles koscher

alles koscherin vienna. from my spring visit last year. it almost looks like proper street photography, don’t you think so? :)

if you think, wow, now i’d like to see more pictures of viennese shops with history hop over to the great blog with the same name made by Philip Graf and Martin Frey


closed down


only temporarily for the holidays of course. see you all on the other side and thanks for all your friendly support of my little site. i sincerely appreciate that!

this is the door of a flower shop at prenzlauer allee, berlin.

don’t push me (the massage)

don't push me

a shop window in the aptly named sonnenallee in berlin neukölln.



snapped in berlin mitte a while ago with the gm1.

catch up

catch up I catch up II catch up (xxl)

i spotted this shop window in wedding from my s-bahn going to work the other morning. i hesitated a second but then stepped off the train and shot these promisingly red blobs full of presumably hot sauce.


noodlesa shop window (or rather a door) in friedrichshain, berlin.