sony 28mm f2

springtime with coal

DSC09827-Bearbeitetberlin, prenzlauer berg, 2017

funnily enough this is also from last year but again i bet it looked the same today :-)



congratulations, habilitations… :)

berlin, mitte, 2018

the light at the end of the tunnel

DSC05255-Bearbeitet-2venice, italy, 2017

rainy greetings from documenta 14

DSC05182on the roof of grimmwelt, kassel 2017 – next stop: venice, 30°C :-)

all over the land

DSC05212somewhere between kassel and berlin, summer 2017

staring at the beach 

dsc05681san sebastián/donostia, september, 2016

breaking the waves

dsc05426anglet, france, 2016

palms up

dsc05317-bearbeitetlooking up in biarritz, france, 2016

dans la nive

dsc05750-bearbeitet-2house fronts in bayonne, reflected in the river nive, 2016

between a rock and a hard place

DSC04488tübingen, august 2016

black star

DSC01253berlin, friedrichshain, 2016

in a hurry

DSC08518-Bearbeitetst. malo, france, 2015


DSC07716-Bearbeitetseems like i can’t get away from you, even in the launderette, vivien goldman – launderette (click, hear)

st. malo, france, 2015


through blue

DSC00340-Bearbeitetpeeking through the nicely graphical fence of a car repair service in berlin lichtenberg.

still life

DSC00201-Bearbeitetanother one from friedrichshain, berlin, 2015

piece of advice

DSC00249-Bearbeitetfriedrichshain, berlin, 2015

issue de secours

DSC08075-Bearbeitet-2an emergency exit in a french bus in st. malo.

golf bag

DSC00353-Bearbeitetberlin, lichtenberg, 2015

i see a red door


and i think it’s quite okay as it is…

st. malo, france, 2015

polka dot dream

polka dot dream

another one from st. malo, france.

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