blue sunday

berlin wedding, 2021

tree ambulance

berlin prenzlauer berg, 2021

dance like no one’s watching

berlin schöneberg, 2020

rule of thirds

and a birch, berlin, wedding, 2020

let there never be curtain drawn

P3302173between you and me, berlin schöneberg, 2019

the strange case of the missing shadow

P3270898the rule of thirds performed by two birches and one shadow, berlin tiergarten, 2018

birch in blue

DSC00173-2berlin mitte, 2018

the institute of biology

dsc08011berlin mitte, 2017

nordic ambassadors

nordic ambassadors

right in front of the nordic embassies in berlin, tiergarten.



i think she’s one of the biggest birches i’ve ever met…

got pipes?

got pipes?found in lichtenberg, berlin. i like how the pipes move thoughtfully around the birches.

the birch twins

the birch twins I the birch twins II