who you gonna call?

neandertal, 2021

they live

…or at least they escaped…, berlin friedrichshain, 2021

no work left

berlin friedrichshain, 2021

this never gets old

berlin lichtenberg, 2020


(w)h(o)o(m)p(e), there it is…, berlin lichtenberg, 2020

i can, you can, toucan

DSC03461berlin mitte, 2017

skeletons of society


cooling towers at the zeche zollverein in essen, ruhr

does anyone remember the slayer song skeletons of society? (click, hear)



greetings from duisburg, 2015



duisburg, april 2015



the bungy tower of the abandoned pier in scheveningen, the netherlands (closed down in 2013)

tender loving care

tender loving carewas probably given behind this door when this part of beelitz heilstätten was still operational as a hospital.

two windows

two windowsone more entry for the still ongoing window series. this time from beelitz heilstätten again.



another one from beelitz heilstätten.

i made this with the 26mm f1.4 toy lens by slr magic. this very toy lens was the topic of my first post here on .documenting.the.obvious about 550 posts ago. i took the lens with me because i hoped the swirly bokeh could come in handy in such an abandoned setting, and it did. otherwise i haven’t used it very much since that first blog post…

if you do like stairs then be sure to check out fellow blogger stefan rolleck’s ‘treppauf treppab’ series

but let there never be curtain drawn between you and me (reprise)

window tree

apparently i’m a sucker for windows and trees and/but not really good with titles so i simply reuse one from last year. this photo was made a few weeks ago on a visit to beelitz heilstätten.

yesterday’s news

yesterday's newsfound in the ruins of an almost demolished building in fürstenwalde, brandenburg.

destination teufelsberg

the dome

finally i made it to the teufelsberg in berlin grunewald. on top of this artificial hill made of rubble after world war II lies hidden in the woods an abandoned nsa listening station. this station can be visited and one can enjoy the location and the view over berlin and grunewald. for more information on the teufelsberg (devil’s mountain) you can either check wikipedia or abandoned berlin or the rest of the internet of course.

i was really lucky with the weather and had some serious fun there. i took part in one of the official tours,though. otherwise my heart probably  would have stopped beating in excitement…

besides the quite spectacular location i loved the wild sounds the wind made in the torn cloth covers of the towers.

the place is covered with some not so great and some fantastic street art. some of the latter will be featured in another post.

view from drachenberg

on a more technical note: all shots have been taken with the e-p5 and a handful of lenses, e.g. the panaleica 25mm and the lumix 14mm with gwc-1 conversion lens attached. the last one was made with the m.zuiko 40-150mm


it felt a wee little bit like visiting ancient maya ruins… but it was porto san giorgio, italy.


railsfor the hands of course… seen in porto san giorgio again. (it really was quite picturesque there ;))

ward round

the abandoned women’s clinic in berlin, neukölln.

the lodge

no smoking


the hallway


strange idea


wings (2)

click click



the scream


the dragon

time stands still



greetings from 52.463808,13.423575

it’s unbelievable that only seven years ago this hospital was running normally…

although having been there on a sunny day it was a bit eerie: one could hear children laughing from afar and the wind played tricks on us, too… we hadn’t enough time to visit all the buildings, so there is still a lot left to see.