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P7012390venlo, the netherlands, 2016


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAvenlo, the netherlands, 2015



venlo, 2015

someday my ship will come

someday my ship will come

and maybe it’s from urk like this one is.



a parking garage in delft, the netherlands.

(btw. uit means out and uitjes means onions)



the bungy tower of the abandoned pier in scheveningen, the netherlands (closed down in 2013)

there’s something happening here

for what it's worthwhat it is ain’t exactly clear (click, hear).

urk, the netherlands, summer 2014 


weta structural abstract dripping with rain found in urk, the netherlands this ‘summer’.



cowsanother one from the summer and the netherlands. this was made quite close to muiderslot.

tsop pmal

tsop pmal

another entry for both the window and the lamp post series found in urk, the netherlands.

(and yay, 600 posts ;))

a b-pipe

b-pipea b-pipe emerging from the abcouder meer in abcoude, the netherlands.



my guess: b stands for brandweer which is the dutch word for fire brigade and they can refill their tanks here with fresh water.

one stop bible shop

bible shop

the bijbelkiosk in scheveningen, den haag, the netherlands. summer 2014

i like yellow things

i like yellow thingsdelft, the netherlands, summer 2014

if you like yellow things, too,  you should definitely give a listen to Tiel Faulkner’s song about it (click, hear). the song is from the very impressive ‘american song-poem anthology’  that sports a lot of very interesting songs from the sixties and early seventies that had small to no audience in their respective times. be warned however because states the record will ‘appeal more to hipster know-it-alls than the average consumer‘.

q.e.d. :)




the landschaps-zonneproject by piet slegers, 1979

i pushed the lights a bit so the metal triangle in the foreground gets completely white and looks a bit like been cut-out of the picture.

for fellow blogger ag.

heading home

heading home

an evening at the pier in scheveningen, den haag, the netherlands.

summer painter

summer painter

urk, the netherlands, summer 2014

i borrowed the title from one of bill callahan’s songs (click, hear) and i think it fits in at least two ways: first, in the song the painter also paints (names on) boats and secondly, we have visited a concert of bill callahan during our stay in the netherlands. it took place in a very nice open air theater in nijmegen that helped tremendously in creating the fantastic atmosphere during this concert.

while i’m at it, there are quite a lot of concert pictures to be found on my cncrt pctrs page. on the newer pictures there typically is also a flickr link available that takes you to the respective flickr gallery of this concert.

here’s one shot from the bill callahan concert in nijmegen and my first try to use the m.zuiko 40-150mm at concert photography. i was pleasantly surprised…



back from…

back from...

holland, of course!  everything in the quiz post hints to holland, don’t you think?

(a) the main orientation in the  image goes straight to the west (if you go to the west from berlin, you will certainly end up in holland before dropping into the ocean). (b) the structure in the picture clearly shows an uppercase H (you guessed it, H for Holland). (c) the dominant colour in the photograph is grey and that really works fine as an allegory for the weather this summer in holland. and last but not least (d) the cables show the classic rood-wit-blauw (red, white and blue) colours of the dutch flag.

and of course i’ve made all this up just now (except (d)).

thanks a bunch to all participants in the guessing game!  if you happen to visit berlin someday (and if you were interested of course) i’d happily throw a round of bitterballen in a quite dutch frietsalon just around the corner here in friedrichshain.

in the picture above you can see the delicious bitterballen as they are served in the rijksmuseum in amsterdam.