babes with toy lens (sorry, no babes)

today the slr magic “toy lens” (26mm f1.4) arrived and i have to say that i am quite happy with it.  i haven’t had much opportunity for shooting but it feels quite nice. unfortunately it is plain ugly on the e-pl1 (see below) but i will try to learn to live with that… the build quality is not overwhelming either but i liked the packaging very much and the idea to include those rubberbands that are supposed to give this lens an even more toyish look. i have not used them though…

here are some pics i took today.  i just sing: happy vignetting and a swirly bokeeeeeh!

the box

swirly snow

the red thingy

as i said, plain ugly…


  1. Oh oh oh, have you looked into CCTV lenses? The SLR magic lenses are basically just C-Mount/CCTV lenses, but a looooot more expensive. You probably already know about them, but if not c-mount lenses are the way to go – I have a 25mm, 35mm and 50mm, and they’re really fun to use

    1. hi David,
      thanks for chiming in. yes, i had looked into cctv lenses that time but i was quite a lot greener behind the ears than today and went for the ‘save’ path of the slr magic. today i would not hesitate to go for a cctv lens directly… (if i would consider getting another lens of that type).

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