black and white

going down

DSC02224-Bearbeitet-2berlin ostkreuz, 2019

shady cubism

DSC02168berlin mitte, 2019



quis custodiet ipsos custodes?! coloniae claudiae arae agrippinensium stadio conspectum*

quite some time ago i was a happy student of latin (even in cologne itself!). today, i can’t even say my name in latin anymore. i still like it, though

*who will watch these watchmen? seen in the stadium of cologne.

silver lips

DSC07658st. malo, france



i suppose this window in berlin wedding was a trap set up for photographers – and i fell into it…

old news

DSC05791-Bearbeitet-3found in berlin charlottenburg, 2015

continental good year

P8042084feeling a bit tired of accidental sculptures…

moabit, berlin, 2016

vandal girl

DSC00038berlin friedrichshain, 2019

wiggly plane

DSC00941düsseldorf, 2019


DSC00921yes, i’ve been to düsseldorf! this is the central building of frank gehry’s neuer zollhof.

düsseldorf, 2019

the thinker

DSC00907niederrhein, 2019

we’re going in!

niederrhein, 2019

rose royce – car wash (click, hear)

still still life

DSC00823-Bearbeitetberlin friedrichshain, 2019

still life

DSC00781-Bearbeitetberlin moabit, 2019

black balloon

P4062205_3berlin mitte, 2019

the kills – black balloon (click, hear)

danger! high contrast!

P4062231haus der statistik, berlin mitte, 2019

office space

all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, berlin, 201(9|8)


DSC00250friedrichshagen, berlin, 2019

down by the water

DSC00063-2berlin friedrichshain, 2019

pj harvey – down by the water (click, hear)

just another shadow

DSC00091berlin kreuzberg, 2019