black and white

the trouble with travel

other people, berlin txl, 2018

carta da musica

PB240812patrick wagner from gewalt, kulturbrauerei berlin, prenzlauer berg, 23.11.2018

if you’d like to see more of my concert photography – it’s just one click away here on flickr…

alea iacta est

DSC01937or rather hanged… niederrhein, 2018

one way street

PB062103berlin mitte, 2018


PA311863berlin kreuzberg, 2018

i woke up in metropolis

DSC07492berlin friedrichshain – a wasting disease ;-) (2018)

anne clark – sleeper in metropolis (click, hear)

so tired

pc283283niederrhein, december 2016

fugazi – i’m so tired (click, hear)

installation with curve

DSC07291berlin friedrichshain, 2018

window and curve

DSC07170a little homage to robert häusser*, poznań, poland, 2018

*if you’re interested in excellent photography, 80s video footage, philip glass(?) and swabian german: der fotograf robert häusser (click, watch)

who observes the observer?

DSC00105in this case that would be me

berlin biesdorf, 2018

on not going full circle

P9091003barcelona, 2018

peter parker was here

DSC06593cologne, 2018

my favourite superhero… maybe not only because we share the same initials :)

an eye for a tie

DSC06581cologne, 2018

let’s face it again

P7290377berlin lichtenberg, 2018

let’s face it

P7290369-2scaring rats in berlin lichtenberg, 2018

back to europe

P7230191for now…, montreal, 2018

oh, wie schön ist kanada


berlin mitte, 2018

i painted myself into a corner again…


irving penn exhibition, c/o berlin, 2018

smog – limited capacity (click,hear)


DSC05337-3rheinland, 2018

(short) journey to saturn


berlin alexanderplatz, 2018

sun ra – journey to saturn (click, hear)