it’s the wurst

dsc08504knackig, saftig, lecker, unsortiert! niederrhein, 2018


dsc08509niederrhein, 2018

joy division – shadowplay (click, hear)

one way street

PB062103berlin mitte, 2018

ice factory

PA301806-Bearbeitetkreuzberg, berlin, 2018


PA311863berlin kreuzberg, 2018

know thyself

DSC07107poznań, poland, 2018

the bright tower

P8250562niederrhein, 2018

printing service (on bricks)

P7240251dissolved in 1976, montreal, canada, 2018

in the neighbourhood


…of my parents – niederrhein, 2018

tom waits – in the neighborhood (click, hear)


DSC03117venlo, the netherlands, 2018

neue wache

DSC00214a twisted tree at neue wache, berlin mitte, 2018

drip cake

P4260451sooo 2015 :-), berlin moabit, 2018

squaring the circle (approx.)

DSC08056.jpgberlin friedrichshain, 2017

brick horizon

P9120013berlin moabit, 2017

gentle curves

DSC06004cables hanging elegantly into the lighthouse of murano, italy, 2017


industrial reflection

DSC02598_boberschöneweide, berlin, 2017


DSC01466and a nice shadow to boot…

groß zecher, schaalsee, 2017

maurits was here

dsc08269berlin friedrichshain, 2017

back in the new york groove

dsc08026-bearbeitet… at least as close as it gets in berlin, germany in january 2017

ace frehley – new york groove (click, hear)




P3131671berlin, prenzlauer berg, 2016

“a machine designed for one thing: search and destroy” – the matrix, 1999

aren’t that actually two things? anyway, it’s not true in this case, of course. this is probably just a harmless relative of the Endverzweiger (EVz) jellyfish from this post.