everyday is like sunday

DSC09469-Bearbeitetberlin lichtenberg, 2020

morrissey – everyday is like sunday (click, hear)

self portrait

DSC09277-2still possible in berlin treptow, 2020

lisboa fechada

DSC09325até logo! berlin niederschöneweide, 2020

there’s a light that never goes out

DSC09329-Bearbeitetbut it’s not this one apparently…, berlin niederschöneweide, 2020


niederrhein, 2020

what is it good for

PC230745absolutely nothing… say it again, niederrhein, 2019

balls down by the schoolyard

DSC08104antwerpen, belgië, 2020

paul simon – me and julio down by the schoolyard (click, hear)

on sticking out

DSC00430-Bearbeitetnörvenich, 2018

teal on rails

DSC05978vlissingen, the netherlands, 2019

tons of red

DSC05490-Bearbeitetvlissingen, the netherlands, 2019

direkt klaar

DSC05488vlissingen, the netherlands, 2019


DSC05394vlissingen, the netherlands, 2019

the breeders – cannonball (click, hear)

there’s something about marcel

hamburg, 2019


P7060314-Bearbeitetrtanj, serbia, 2019

stone cold

DSC02825berlin friedrichshain, 2019

tom waits, roberto benigni, john lurie – i scream for ice cream (click, hear)


P5112651venlo, 2019

geometry 102

P5112656-2venlo, 2019

geometry 101

DSC00107-Bearbeitet-5berlin friedrichshain, 2019

spring in the air

DSC09952niederrhein, 2019

it’s the wurst

dsc08504knackig, saftig, lecker, unsortiert! niederrhein, 2018