render with the fisheye the things that are the fisheye’s

P6256459-Bearbeitetneue hakeburg, kleinmachnow, 2017

the strange case of the green staircase

dsc08973it felt like spring in berlin friedrichshain, 2017



another one from beelitz heilstätten.

i made this with the 26mm f1.4 toy lens by slr magic. this very toy lens was the topic of my first post here on .documenting.the.obvious about 550 posts ago. i took the lens with me because i hoped the swirly bokeh could come in handy in such an abandoned setting, and it did. otherwise i haven’t used it very much since that first blog post…

if you do like stairs then be sure to check out fellow blogger stefan rolleck’s ‘treppauf treppab’ series

small steps

small steps

a classic staircase in friedrichshain, berlin.


illuminationseen in friedrichshain, berlin again.