three bananas

berlin neukölln, @ the excellent Kathrin Sonntag exhibition in the kindl centre for contemporary art, 2018

the dark (in park)

DSC04208berlin neukölln, 2018

black balloon


berlin neukölln, 2018

monster magnet – black balloon (click, hear)


DSC04632neukölln, berlin, 2017

(still) all out of bubblegum

DSC08116(still) berlin neukölln, 2017

take me to your leader

dsc08112-2they have landed in neukölln, berlin, 2017

small scale cubism

dsc08075berlin neukölln, 2017

at the crossroads

dsc08077st. richard, berlin neukölln, 2017

all out of bubble gum

dsc08072berlin neukölln, 2017

the title sounds familiar? they live! (click, watch)


dsc08079it’s quite kalt in berlin these days… brrr.

berlin neukölln, 2017


dsc08073i guess i have a soft spot for trees in front of buildings…

berlin neukölln, february 2017

two times a day

P2230819this clock is correct…

neukölln, berlin, 2016

red alert

P2230816-Bearbeitetneukölln, berlin, 2016

no cake today

P2230823-Bearbeiteta closed down cake mail-order business in berlin, neukölln, 2016

quadrant yellow

quadrant yellow

from neukölln, berlin.

shot a while ago with the great (and big) panasonic 35-100mm f2.8

the power of abstraction

the power of abstractionto be read from right to left.

don’t push me (the massage)

don't push me

a shop window in the aptly named sonnenallee in berlin neukölln.

call for demonstration


that’s what yürüyüş is about (at least as far as google translate takes me…) shot in neukölln because of the colours of course.

inverse shadow

inverse shadowi honestly have no idea what caused this pattern on a house front in rixdorf, berlin. and it gives my head a whirl because i can’t really focus on the contour. it feels a bit like crossing the eyes. but i really like the picture nevertheless.

but let there never be curtain drawn between you and me

window treeluckily, there was no curtain… shot in neukölln, berlin.