orange aside…

berlin neukölln, 2022

the red edge

berlin neukölln, 2022

the need for speed

interestingly nothing was moving in this shot…, berlin neukölln, 2022


berlin neukölln, 2022

colour test drive

with trees…, berlin neukölln, 2022

yellow on yellow

berlin neukölln, 2022

doing the dishes

berlin neukölln, 2022

the sixth tank

i see no people, berlin neukölln, 2021

the elephant on the roof

berlin neukölln, 2021

red band

berlin neukölln, 2021


DSC08403berlin neukölln, 2020

john lennon – isolation (click, hear)

sweaty orchid

DSC08395-Bearbeitetberlin neukölln, 2020


DSC08399-2berlin neukölln, 2020

new haircut

DSC08396berlin neukölln, 2020


PB260347berlin neukölln, 2019

have a nice glass of pixeltea

PB260345on advent sunday…berlin neukölln, 2019


PB260335berlin neukölln, 2019

aldous harding – what if birds aren’t singing they’re screaming (click, hear)

’tis the season

PB260356berlin neukölln, 2019

three bananas

berlin neukölln, @ the excellent Kathrin Sonntag exhibition in the kindl centre for contemporary art, 2018

the dark (in park)

DSC04208berlin neukölln, 2018