today – one year ago (III)

DSC04101essen zollverein, 15.04.2015

red crossing

DSC04229-Bearbeitetessen, ruhr, 2015

closed for holidays

DSC04080-Bearbeitetor forever? naah, too much fun :)

happy holidays, folks! 

picture made in essen, ruhr, 2015

skeletons of society


cooling towers at the zeche zollverein in essen, ruhr

does anyone remember the slayer song skeletons of society? (click, hear)

big bird

big bird

from the zeche zollverein in essen, ruhr

a man walks towards a building

zollvereinon the area of the zollverein coal mine industrial complex (or a bit more concise ‘zeche zollverein’ in german) in essen, ruhr. it’s an impressive area with lots of stuff to photograph, not at least this bauhaus inspired building – the former boiler house of shaft 12. originally built in the 1930s it had its interior converted to a museum in 1997 by norman foster.

yellow again

this time from essen, ruhr.

the mechanic

the mechanicworks in essen, ruhr.

the dry fountain



a quite graphical fountain (then dry) in the city of essen directly next to the cathedral. i could not find out who designed that thing but i’m sure the graphical effect was intentional.

the treatment

the treatment

seen in a backyard in the city of essen. technically not really convincing i thought it had some atmosphere to it…