mood indigo

ueckermünde, 2020

do you remember the summer?

kölpinsee, 2020

postcard from kaapduinen

DSC00295-Bearbeitetkaapduinen, the netherlands, 2017

staring at the beach 

dsc05681san sebastián/donostia, september, 2016


dsc05483-bearbeitetanglet, france, 2016

(that’s the thing in this video here…)


dsc06135biarritz, france, 2016


dsc05233after this little excursion to the  local politics of berlin, back to something a little more pleasant: biarritz, france, 2016

lido layered

lido di venezia

lido di venezia, 2015

last splash

last splash

ahoo ahoo ahoo ahoo

st. malo, france, 2015

mussels from brussels


found at the beach in jesolo, italy, though.

by the sea

by the sea

an evening at the beach in st. malo, france



a precious silhouette



the bungy tower of the abandoned pier in scheveningen, the netherlands (closed down in 2013)

storm companion


and stormy it was… another one from the beach of usedom.

i found sturmgesell’ a bit hard to translate. it definitely means storm companion or maybe rather companion in a storm and that’s fine but the gesell’-part has a quite oldfashioned sound to it and i don’t know how to get this across in english. any suggestions?

one stop bible shop

bible shop

the bijbelkiosk in scheveningen, den haag, the netherlands. summer 2014


edicolaedicola at the beach in porto san giorgio.

edicola once was a word for a small temple (lat. aedicula). i don’t know whether today’s use of edicola for a kiosk is a nod to the original worshipping of idols that took place in aediculis back then?

serafina e luigi

serafina e luigiserafina and luigi’s awning saved me from dissolving in the heavy rain in porto san giorgio last week. more pictures of that to come ;)

palm door

palm door

unfortunately not seen in cannes…

la mer (baltique that is)

i always thought of the baltic sea as a giant bath tub and so i was told in my childhood. so no waves.  i actually have never been to the beaches of the baltic sea until a recent visit to poland. what i saw there was quite far away from taking a relaxing bath. but then again if you put a giant ventilator above the tub you would get close to the state of the the sea i saw.

captain aground

mini beach



the red line

don’t you dare

those were all taken on a recent trip to the polish city of kołobrzeg. i had a nice grilled trout there, too.