(almost) monochrome

old glory

PA210687niederrhein, 2017

more on photo porst (once the “largest photo house in the world“) in german and the same here in broken english


P7040004tegel airport, berlin, 2017

the silence of the lamp

P6116761berlin schöneberg, 2017

i really like how the shadow is almost twice as long as the lamp itself. that way the picture gets that nice little asymmetrical twist.


p9102211shadows in st. jean de luz, september, 2016

post-election blues 3 (“fck afd”)

dsc06804berlin friedrichshain, 2016


P2250837-Bearbeitetthe reports of winter’s end have been greatly exaggerated…

berlin, friedrichshain, today.

and the trees clap their hands

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa hoop and some trees

friedrichshain, berlin, 2016



found in dinard, france.



yellow polygon

i would have loved it to be a yellow triangle or at least a yellow trapezoid but in the end it was only a polygon. but a yellow one.

from moabit, berlin.



two walls, one window from elizabeth castle, st. helier, jersey.

decision problem

decision problem

another one from the (narrow) streets of st. malo, france.

seeing red

seeing red

another one from the rio filmpalast in munich.



found in friedrichshain, berlin

lamp post

classic lamp post

a classic subject featured on this blog: the lamp post 

this time from right behind the ostbahnhof, berlin, friedrichshain.

cloud scraping


happy rotterdam, to have such giant mirrors.

this is a quite old picture (made with the lx-3) that i found on the bottom of my drafts list. i found it interesting enough to put it on top of this very list again :)



a cemetery gate and a cemetery tree from the town where my sister lives.

red flag

red flag

waving at ostkreuz, friedrichshain.

tender loving care

tender loving carewas probably given behind this door when this part of beelitz heilstätten was still operational as a hospital.


emptytaken at the abcouder meer, abcoude, the netherlands this summer. i guess john todaro was an inspiration to dig this out of the archive now.

and it fits somehow the ‘three of us’ from yesterday :)



another one from kreuzberg and another one on kodak elitechrome 400 slide film shot with my girlfriend’s nikon f55.