tender loving care

tender loving carewas probably given behind this door when this part of beelitz heilstätten was still operational as a hospital.

window pines

window pinesand another one from beelitz heilstätten. trees and windows. a combination that really speaks to me.

the case of the blue stair

staircase a nicely decaying staircase found in beelitz heilstätten.




a metagramm from my visit to beelitz heilstätten. on the tripod: the gm-1 with the samyang fisheye.

two windows

two windowsone more entry for the still ongoing window series. this time from beelitz heilstätten again.



another one from beelitz heilstätten.

i made this with the 26mm f1.4 toy lens by slr magic. this very toy lens was the topic of my first post here on .documenting.the.obvious about 550 posts ago. i took the lens with me because i hoped the swirly bokeh could come in handy in such an abandoned setting, and it did. otherwise i haven’t used it very much since that first blog post…

if you do like stairs then be sure to check out fellow blogger stefan rolleck’s ‘treppauf treppab’ series

but let there never be curtain drawn between you and me (reprise)

window tree

apparently i’m a sucker for windows and trees and/but not really good with titles so i simply reuse one from last year. this photo was made a few weeks ago on a visit to beelitz heilstätten.