classic car

das feuergelbe spielmobil

berlin mitte, 2020

objects in the mirror are yellower than they appear

berlin lichtenberg, 2020

about hanging in the air

DSC00953berlin lichtenberg, 2020

warm leatherette

DSC00888berlin friedrichshain, 2020

the normal – warm leatherette (click, hear)

in plain sight

DSC00118-Bearbeitetthe first aid kit…, berlin friedrichshain, 2020

noisy signal

DSC00046-Bearbeitet-2berlin friedrichshain, 2020

boom box

DSC09861-Bearbeitetberlin treptow, 2020

small footprint

DSC09460berlin lichtenberg, 2020

red line

DSC09525-Bearbeitetand a beetle, berlin friedrichshain, 2020


DSC09790a classic opel kadett l. most probably from 1969 :-), berlin friedrichshain, 2020


DSC09416berlin lichtenberg, 2020

i like yellow things

P3081908berlin friedrichshain, 2020

bobbi blake – i like yellow things (click, hear)

out of production

DSC09271-Bearbeitetberlin treptow, 2020

kalter apparat iii

P3041614-Bearbeitetberlin tiergarten, 2020

last resort

DSC09083-Bearbeitetberlin friedrichshain, 2020

sign of the times

DSC06369-Bearbeitetberlin kreuzberg, 2019

prince – sign o’the times (click, hear)

uncle benz

DSC00005-Bearbeitetantwerpen, 2018


DSC00800berlin friedrichshain, 2019

lou reed – busload of faith (click, hear)

driving home for easter

DSC00802-Bearbeitetberlin friedrichshain, 2019

many descriptions

DSC08476somewhat work related, tübingen, 2018

to rococo rot feat. arto lindsay – many descriptions (click, hear)