classic car

friedrichshain beetle

P6026592karl-marx-allee, friedrichshain, berlin 2017

i’ve added a little retro-sauce just because i liked it better that way.


DSC00443detail of a citroën dyane found in veere, the netherlands, 2017

mitte beetle

DSC09873-Bearbeitetmitte, berlin, 2017

the reliable

dsc08284back to a car… 

berlin friedrichshain, 2017

into the blue

DSC02831berlin, kreuzberg, 2016

today – one year ago (V)

DSC04895-Bearbeiteta late 50s – early 60s dkw junior, duisburg, 17.04.2015

this post concludes the short series with pictures from my five day safari in the western part of the ruhrgebiet last year.


P4022178berlin, mitte, 2016


P1310050-Bearbeiteta jaguar 3.8 s automatic (1963-1968)

wedding, berlin, 2016

power steering

power steering

i really like how the looks of the interior of a first generation honda accord (1976-1981) are already very close to being classic (probably they are there already)…

from st. malo, france

let’s twist again

let's twist again

like we did last summer…

a twisted reflection of a building from moabit in a car from france.

world domination

world domination

from berlin kreuzberg, 2015



detail of a classic opel rekord a found in kreuzberg, berlin.

right through


an opel kadett c in berlin friedrichshain.

lucky seven

lucky seven

the interior of a volvo 544 through its windshield.


sumptousthe interior of a chrysler classic car through its windshield. from berlin, friedrichshain.

thanks to the brilliant donald barnat for introducing me to the word ‘sumptuous’.



here comes the speech again…: i’m not really that much into cars but bla bla bla…

be that as it may, i found this beautiful porsche 911t in duisburg and couldn’t just idle along without taking a picture.

the race

the racetwo tractors found on the island of usedom.


goddessthe interior of a citroen ds found in berlin moabit. i have a weak spot for this kind of retro futurism and, of course, reflections…

i posted this picture earlier already on nientedavendere, my other blog that i maintain together with my friend h.

we try to do a simple question-answer game with pictures on that site. most of the times he has both better questions and answers…

high profile

high profile

for actually not being into cars i was surprisingly happy to have stumbled upon this sight. a nice concrete wall and a beautiful black classic car in berlin moabit…

from what i was able to gather from wikipedia this car seems to be a buick riviera gs from the second riviera generation that was built between 1966 and 1970. it’s really impressive, don’t you think so?

i found this scenery on a my way home from work. due to construction works going on on the road it was necessary for the cars to park parallel to the lanes which made this shot possible at all. usually the cars have to park perpendicular to the road at this location. lucky me :)



the interior of a trabant 601 found in lichtenberg. aloha!