classic car

the dark (in park)

DSC04208berlin neukölln, 2018


P3290905-2berlin moabit, 2018

steamy window (again)

PB040177-4a vw karman ghia in berlin friedrichshain, 2017

wet benz

DSC08204a mercedes benz 280ce after a shower of rain in berlin friedrichshain, 2017

horses for courses

DSC09356berlin mitte, 2017

friedrichshain beetle

P6026592karl-marx-allee, friedrichshain, berlin 2017

i’ve added a little retro-sauce just because i liked it better that way.


DSC00443detail of a citroën dyane found in veere, the netherlands, 2017

mitte beetle

DSC09873-Bearbeitetmitte, berlin, 2017

the reliable

dsc08284back to a car… 

berlin friedrichshain, 2017

into the blue

DSC02831berlin, kreuzberg, 2016

today – one year ago (V)

DSC04895-Bearbeiteta late 50s – early 60s dkw junior, duisburg, 17.04.2015

this post concludes the short series with pictures from my five day safari in the western part of the ruhrgebiet last year.


P4022178berlin, mitte, 2016


P1310050-Bearbeiteta jaguar 3.8 s automatic (1963-1968)

wedding, berlin, 2016

power steering

power steering

i really like how the looks of the interior of a first generation honda accord (1976-1981) are already very close to being classic (probably they are there already)…

from st. malo, france

let’s twist again

let's twist again

like we did last summer…

a twisted reflection of a building from moabit in a car from france.

world domination

world domination

from berlin kreuzberg, 2015



detail of a classic opel rekord a found in kreuzberg, berlin.

right through


an opel kadett c in berlin friedrichshain.

lucky seven

lucky seven

the interior of a volvo 544 through its windshield.


sumptousthe interior of a chrysler classic car through its windshield. from berlin, friedrichshain.

thanks to the brilliant donald barnat for introducing me to the word ‘sumptuous’.