father’s vegetable patch (ii)

DSC00798after he left, niederrhein, 2020

when it rains in texas

PC200616-Bearbeitetit snows on the spree, berlin moabit, 2019

hochzeitskapelle – when it rains in texas (it snows on the rhine) [click hear]

still greener on the other side

DSC07173poznań, poland, 2018

it’s like a jungle sometimes

DSCF6874even in berlin prenzlauer berg, 2017

between two pines

there is another pine

berlin, 2015



from burgh-haamstede, the netherlands

street abstract IV

street abstract IV

from friedrichshain, berlin.


bushyvery much in the vein of yesterday’s post. a bit more on the spherical side, though. i really liked this bushy backyard…


balcon brutal


it looks quite mediterranean but it’s swabian. shot on a sunny day in tübingen a few weeks ago.

ol’ blue eyes

ol' blue eyes

struck me at the mauergedenkstätte (berlin wall memorial) in bernauer strasse, berlin.


hedginganother shot from our visit to copenhagen last week. square trees in the yard of christiansborg. made with the lumix 14mm and gwc-1 conversion lens again…

heading to holland

actually noord-holland that is… one week on the island of texel is waiting for us. this is a dandelion i shot on the frisian neighbour island of ameland last year.

i hope to bring better pictures from texel (this might be a bit overcooked).

something completely different

at least on this blog… plants! shot in different formats with four different lenses at three different places in two different cities.

hydrangea (45mm)

fern (40mm)

lavender (20mm)

sage (28mm macro with extension tube)

n.b.: these are of course not really the first pictures of plants on this blog (see here), but they don’t pop up here that often.



another one from the window series. this time from moabit, berlin.

the twins

the twins

arbores vitae in roermond, the netherlands. (the right one is 26 minutes older!)

tunnel vision

tunnel vision (a walk in the park)

even if it looks quite wide angly, this picture was taken with the fine olympus 45mm. as you might have guessed already i like the tunnel the tree, the bushes and of course the trail are forming.

roof chives

roof chives (in front of a firewall)

i do invite all botanically inclined readers to correct me if i’m wrong with my chives diagnosis. first i thought it was clover because the flowers look so similar but then there should also be leaves somewhere, shouldn’t there? another possibility would be sea thrift. but i had the impression that the flowers do not really match.

you can check this yourself of course at about 4 meters above the ground right in front of the lidl, boxhagener strasse.

shot with the m.zuiko 45mm, deliberately at f2, with my nd3 filter.

abstract planes

vertical plane

horizontal plane

taken today with the 45mm. next chance to post on a 29th of february in 4 years again.

this plane somehow reminded me of an eames “hang-it-all”.

btw.: if you can’t see a plane anywhere, check this.

the wind that shakes the barley…

was definitely missing last weekend in trier. it was really hot and some wind would have been a real relief.

regarding this post’s title: i am not really sure that this is in fact barley. it could just as well be rye… but i once really liked the song’s version done by dead can dance. and i still haven’t read salinger
(picture done with the kit zoom at 14mm)

i’ve received an ebay delivery last week containing an om zuiko 100mm f2.8 lens. finally! i got beaten in at least six attempts to get one. so i’ll post another picture here that was done in the trier area, too. the mosel river at f4 (if i remember correctly). i really like the bokeh, the sharpness and the form factor of the lens and i’m looking forward to further testing.

molecule man

at the point where  treptow, kreuzberg and friedrichshain meet lives the molecule man, but that’s  another story actually…

molecule man