everyone knows it’s windy

DSC09087berlin lichtenberg, 2020

astrud gilberto – windy (click, hear)

♫ that’s a moiré ♫

PC301225almost…, nörvenich, 2019

xkcd (click, see)



if you like lines (i do) this is for you!

this is a as close to an easter egg as it might get here…

vexillologist on duty

vexillologist on duty

i have no idea what kind of car that was. i found the colourful pattern quite interesting and it looked like a flag to me. the reflection in the picture is part of s-bahn station ostkreuz.

cut out

cut outpart of a balustrade at s-bahnhof schönhauser allee in berlin, prenzlauer berg. i know it’s quite a busy picture but i found it quite interesting.

the bridge was completed in 1911 and there are definitely elements of the jugendstil movement visible in the cut-out pattern.

bark beetle totem

selfportrait of a bark beetleor could it be a warning signal…?

i remembered that i had taken this photograph after reading this entry on the fantastic blog portraits of wildflowers.

two lips

two lipsit should probably read two pairs of lips or two mouths or four lips but i liked neither of these…