bricked / les ateliers

DSC03934berlin mitte, 2018

horten hears an aitch

DSC01432hortenkacheln in reutlingen, 2018


P4180155berlin moabit, 2018

springtime for berlin

P3300950the shoes are in bloom, berlin friedrichshain, 2018

black bird

PC280712grefrath, 2017

nina simone – blackbird (click, hear) (don’t miss out on this!)

washed ashore

DSC08498a lonely island in the sea – kreuzberg, berlin 2017

washed ashore – the platters (click, hear)

looking up is hard to do

P8190031can you see the grand piano, too?

berlin mitte, 2017


P5156305horgen, lake zürich, 2017


DSC01642and it sure was nice…

travemünde, baltic sea, 2017

if you enter a kino you are inside a cinema

DSC09287at least when in germany… and if you enter this particular kino you are inside the kino international, the main cinema for premieres of the gdr. it’s a fantastic cinema with its interior only slightly modernized since the 60s. definitely worth a visit if you’re in berlin. it’s quite close to alexanderplatz, too.

kino international, berlin mitte, 2017

spring is in the air

DSC09138-Bearbeitet-2friedrichshagen, berlin, march 2017


P1230484-2berlin, alexanderplatz, 2014


P5062672this city preferred to remain anonymous, 2016

red crossing

DSC04229-Bearbeitetessen, ruhr, 2015

upstract skyline

upstract skyline

from wedding, berlin.

i really like how that turned out :)

silence of the lamp

silence of the lamp

shot while visiting family last week. i think i will include it in the lamp post series anyway :)

for the technically inclined: this is the first post here with the panasonic gm-1. a camera that would be a very big camera if smallness was bigness. i haven’t had many shooting opportunities yet, but the size and the irresistible silence of the camera (the camera would be very loud if … you get it) were really appealing to me. i’m curious as to how much the missing image stabilization will affect my shooting. i’m guessing it might probably not be worse than the shutter shock issue the e-p5 exhibits at unappropriate moments and surely more predictive. regarding ergonomics the e-p5 of course blows the little marble marvel out of the water but coming from a point and shoot (lx-3) and considering my typical shooting style this won’t get in the way too much.

looking up

looking upanother one from my visit on teufelsberg. shot with the gwc-1 wide conversion lens.

above us only sky

above usand the occasional cloud, of course.

shot with my new e-p5 (yup…) and the lumix 20mm. a kind of review will probably follow. but i can already say that the e-p5 trumps the e-pl1 in every regard. the only exception (and this is kind of a bummer of course) seems to be image quality at base iso. i’m still working out the parameters but i don’t have the same warm feeling yet when going through the e-p5 images that i have when flipping through the e-pl1 pictures. i hope to find the sweet spot soon.  the display of the e-p5 while super dooper resolution-wise and touchy as it gets sports a kind of unhealthy greenish tint but i hope i can get used to it (it’s not too bad). other than that the e-p5 is a very good looking, very responsive and tremendously usable piece of gear. after a week of owning it and enjoying the two dials on the e-p5 i bareley remember how to change aperture or exposure on the e-pl1.