the wheel

DSC04188oudeschild, texel, 2017

bill callahan – the wheel (click, hear)

short break

P6266525berlin moabit, 2017

i’ll be back!

tramli to triemli

P5156326zürich, switzerland, 2017

bavarian greetings

P5136153münchen, may 2017

looking for a sign

dsc05827saint jean de luz, france, 2016

winter window

pc313486-2from the oldest city in germany, made with the last light of the last year

in bloom

P4292094berlin, moabit, 2016

nirvana – in bloom, 1991 (click, hear) (just a tiny reminder: 1991 is a quarter century ago)

through blue

DSC00340-Bearbeitetpeeking through the nicely graphical fence of a car repair service in berlin lichtenberg.

can’t touch this

can't touch thisand that’s probably better… found in london last summer.



a canopy in friedrichshain.

red and white


red and white

another one from vienna


inseparablethe dynamic duo of sauces. seen in kreuzberg, berlin. i liked the colour palette here quite a lot.

impressive shadow

impressive shadowthis time there is no lamp but this will get into the lamp post series as well… (because there was one, i promise ;))

stripe à l’orange

stripe à l'orange

from a parking deck in mönchengladbach