eggy easter y’all

berlin mitte, 2021

no stencil

berlin mitte, 2020

gehe vor bis zur badstraße

berlin, wedding, 2020


✓ berlin friedrichshain, 2019


P2032058i’ve found some street art! niederrhein, 2019


DSC07922jena, thüringen, 2018

it’s out there

DSC07085another wall from poznań, poland, 2018

word on the street

DSC05813tübingen, 2018

social coldness

DSC04577social coldness against climate change

tübingen, 2016


DSC08528i left it unpressed

still in berlin friedrichshain, 2017

he’s waitin’ in the car outside

P8190110berlin, mitte, 2017

cyndi lauper – money changes everything (click, hear)

do not remove

DSC09233friedrichshain, berlin, 2017 – it’s removed now of course 

the lower third of three

P6242334berlin moabit, 2016

so lonely

DSC03907berlin, friedrichshain, 2016

another lonely guy, but from kreuzberg here

sad kid

P2130743-Bearbeitetwalking the streets of kreuzberg, berlin, 2016

the power of abstraction

the power of abstractionto be read from right to left.

shoot out

shoot outit happened in cologne. he won…

minimal bear

minimal bearanother shot of urben’s great signature stencil. i like to read it as a bear (most probably because of some similarity to the logo of the berlin olympics 2000 that never happened) but i’m not sure that that’s intended.

the astute reader might have noticed (only from the tags of course) that this shot was taken with a leica m (type 240) and a leica summarit 75 f2.5 lens.  no i haven’t robbed a bank and i haven’t won the lottery… i’ve taken part in the ‘you and leica m’ promotional campaign that is still running until the end of october. you can get a leica m with lens for two days for free. of course you have to sign the rental contract with your blood and all your children and their children will be liable for any damage on the gear (ok, i exaggerate) but otherwise it’s really completely free and i can highly recommend taking part even if you are only remotely interested in camera gear.

there will be a write-up of my experiences soon with a lot of sample photos but i’m quite busy at the moment and need a bit more time to do this. since the campaign is heading towards its end, though, i wanted to spread the information at least in time.




la dame bleue

la dame bleuefound in vienna this spring (i admit it looks like winter but … ok, it was quite wintry)