looking up is hard to do

P8190031can you see the grand piano, too?

berlin mitte, 2017

the backyard

DSC04627friedrichshain, berlin, 2017

the backyard – dinosaur jr. (click, hear)

the awning

P4265468a backyard in cologne, 2017

at the dark end of the street

DSC09473berlin weißensee, 2017

james carr – the dark end of the street (click, hear)

still life with red box

dsc04554-bearbeitettübingen, 2016

up side

up side

berlin friedrichshain, 2015.


bushyvery much in the vein of yesterday’s post. a bit more on the spherical side, though. i really liked this bushy backyard…


magic carpet

magic carpetready for a ride. found in a backyard in düsseldorf.

hard light

hard lightin a backyard in vienna.

our backyard II

our backyard II

a few weeks ago i posted our backyard and there was a comment by cardinal guzman who hinted at the necessity of some tender loving care for that backyard. apparently the owner read that comment because only a few days later the work began. i’m not sure that i like the results of that effort but i definitely like this picture of it. i think it has a quite mediterranean feel and we do not get that very often here in friedrichshain.

our backyard

our backyard

at the back of our house is our backyard, at the back – you know, the back – not the front – but the back.

i wasn’t aware of the existence of a  tv show with the name our backyard until just now but i already like the lyrics of the theme tune.



for the technically inclined: this picture was taken before last weeks’s  e-p5 firmware update that is supposed to resolve the shutter shock issue that can be quite annoying especially when using the 40-150mm in the ‘dangerous zone’ between 1/80 and 1/250 of a second.