pink light

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAduisburg, december 2015

auf dem damm

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAduisburg, december 2015

‘(wieder) auf dem damm (sein)’: literally ‘(to be) on the dam (again))’  is a german expression that means to be back on one’s feet again – usually after some period of illness

and apparently it’s the name of a train station in duisburg, too. i shot this picture from within the tramcar whose reflection is visible on the orange wall.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAin duisburg, december 2015

crooked smile

DSC03300duisburg, opernplatz, 2015

blue metal

DSC03410-Bearbeitetduisburg, 2015

the red aisle

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAit’s really that red!

found in duisburg a while ago, finally shot – yesterday.


DSC04865-Bearbeitetanother one from my trip to the ruhrgebiet. duisburg, 2015

let me quote wikipedia: “Heim is the German and Norwegian equivalent of the English word home”

cow catcher


from the brücke der solidarität in duisburg, 2015



greetings from duisburg, 2015

one man’s fall

another man's fall

is another woman’s spring. greetings to the southern hemisphere.

duisburg, spring 2015

even more white stripes

more white stripes

and – no surprise here – from duisburg hauptbahnhof, too.

white stripes

white stripes

another one from duisburg’s hauptbahnhof, august 2015

the door

the door

another one from the garden of remembrance in duisburg’s inner harbour.

april, 2015



in duisburg. this is the central station.

i knew it

i knew it

from the garten der erinnerung (garden of remembrance) in duisburg.



duisburg, april 2015

wild wild west

wild wild west

two people and a dog, duisburg, landschaftspark nord, april 2015

is that all there is

to a fire?

to a fire?

to a circus?

to a circus?

to love?

to love?

by special request of fellow blogger Ashley Lily Scarlett.

p.j. harvey’s version of ‘is that all there is’ (click, hear) 

to the center of the city

shadowplaya tree, a truck and a spanferkelbraterei.

found in duisburg, april 2015

the diesel twins

the diesel twins

back in the days they were famous for their taste.

duisburg, 2015