chiuso per ferie

DSC06399-Bearbeitetburano, laguna di venezia, 2017

see you soon!

night on earth

DSC02935ok, at least on the ruhrgebiet, duisburg, 2018

green valentine

DSC09629me and berry mcgee, 2017

the light at the end of the tunnel

DSC05255-Bearbeitet-2venice, italy, 2017

into the light

P3214386louvre edition, paris, 21.03.2017

rule of thirds (the thin man returns)

pb122148berlin mitte, 2016


p1203718…with a 20mm lens :)

saarbrücken, january 2017

staring at the beach 

dsc05681san sebastián/donostia, september, 2016

36 chambers

P2250863s-bahnhof ostkreuz, berlin, friedrichshain, 2016

(more) hands in the dark

(more) hands in the dark

just like the first post with this title this post contains a recommendation of a great song, two times (literally): 1979 (by dark day) and approx. 2006 (by the chromatics) 

from prenzlauer berg, berlin.



a precious silhouette


entwinedlooking up is hard to do… but i did it in berlin weißensee.


human factor

human factor

seen in a hotel (from outside of course) in friedrichshain, berlin.

silhouette, homeless

silhouette, homelessstattbad wedding again. the silhouette is about 10cm in height (and maybe she is just out for shopping…)

air ball

i missed the slam dunks unfortunately… shot with the m.zuiko 45mm (1st)  and panaleica 25mm (2nd)

silhouette of a camera

silhouette of a camera

shot with the m.zuiko 45mm at airport tempelhof during the campus party days in august. and yes – there is also the silhouette of a girl behind the camera.  just in case you were wondering…

abstract planes

vertical plane

horizontal plane

taken today with the 45mm. next chance to post on a 29th of february in 4 years again.

this plane somehow reminded me of an eames “hang-it-all”.

btw.: if you can’t see a plane anywhere, check this.