lonely at the top

no worries, on closer inspection she’s not alone, berlin mitte, 2021

alma mater

tu berlin, charlottenburg, 2021

almost alive

some more impressions from ‘almost alive’, kunsthalle tübingen, 2018

tiger and turtle vs. the zoom

i accompanied my sister to visit the tiger and turtle in duisburg and – lo and behold – she had a zoom at her (and then at my) disposal :)

duisburg, magic mountain, 2017

the mechanic

the mechanicworks in essen, ruhr.



the landschaps-zonneproject by piet slegers, 1979

i pushed the lights a bit so the metal triangle in the foreground gets completely white and looks a bit like been cut-out of the picture.

for fellow blogger ag.

coming out

coming outnot really. in fact it looks like he has already come to terms with his situation… found on the frankfurter allee in friedrichshain.

zig zag

zig zag

a sculpture and a reflecting railing at the marie-elisabeth-lüders-haus in the government district of berlin.

sculptural accident

sculptural accidentor accidental sculpture? again something yellow from the shipyard in gdańsk.


handbagsafter (very) little research i found out that this sculpture by berlin-based artist joachim schmettau had been away for restoration (and if you have a look at the wikipedia page linked above you can see why this was good idea) and those were the days when it was put back into its place at altonaer strasse, berlin tiergarten. it’s descriptively adequately called hand mit uhr and was made in 1975.



this is a detail of a sculpture in berlin tiergarten. it was part of the internationale bauaustellung 1957 and has no name. the artist on the other hand does have a name: hans uhlmann

this was shot with my pentacon six on kodak 400 tmax at most probably f4 with the carl zeiss jena biometar 80mm lens.

kugeln is balls in english.

tickling the tower

my first try at forced perspective from schinkelplatz/unter den linden in berlin.

turning the camera about 45° to the left (and a bit upwards) i saw this angelical back