gas station

on the road

berlin lichtenberg, 2022


DSC08399-2berlin neukölln, 2020


dsc08418-bearbeitettübingen, 2018

three windows

pc273104detail of a former gas station in venlo, the netherlands, december 2016

it’s apparently not simply one former gas station but in fact the oldest still existing gas station building in the whole of the netherlands. it was built in 1933, is now part of the limburgs museum and can be rented as a meeting room.

modern jazz quartet – three windows (click, hear)


today – one year ago (bonus)

DSC04885-Bearbeitetjust one more thing…  a car related bonus picture

duisburg, 17.04.2015

the diesel twins

the diesel twins

back in the days they were famous for their taste.

duisburg, 2015

blue structure

blue structureblue in the face… from moabit, berlin

yellow streak

yellow streakyellow edgetwo other colourful shots from cologne.


bluesi got them…