sky roof bricks

kirchdorf, insel poel, 2022

day of the long grass

DSC08198-2antwerpen, belgië, 2020

the troggs – night of the long grass (click, hear)

there’s a crack in everything

DSC00391q.e.d., 2018

green valentine

DSC09629me and berry mcgee, 2017

oh buoy

pc283256niederrhein, december 2016

always greener

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAduisburg, december, 2015

maybe the easter hare will put an egg or two on this patch of grass this weekend…

me in the grass

me in the grass

back from st. malo, france. more to come, bien sûr…

coffee barn

coffee barn

check out these reds and whites… and the grass sports the same the colour as the barn… i, at least, was stunned :)

playing field

dutch guest

orange cone



important doors

the grass is greener on this side

have a seat

when paying a visit to my niece on the occasion of her 6th birthday she allowed me to attend a football match of her and her – err – little team.

i have to admit that the surroundings of the actual playing field have been quite interesting for me, too…