traffic sign

hard shadows

DSC08352berlin moabit, 2017

odd shadow out

p3041280moabit, berlin, 2016

relax! it’s only two ghosts

p9230350ectoplasmatic friends from cologne, september, 2016

phantom ghost – relax it’s only a ghost (click, hear)

corner quartet

P5022443-Bearbeitetan ever so slightly unbalanced one

duisburg, may 2016

give way

give way

i’d do it…

i’m not really sure what i like in this picture but i definitely like it. it’s probably the reduced palette with that exposed spot of red and all these nice varieties of green. it could of course be the content. the traffic sign looks a little bit lost and pointless in all the landscape (it wasn’t of course in reality). probably it’s a combination of both. that’s how it is supposed to work, right?