train station


PC300734and while we’re at it… brussel/bruxelles, 2017

will you? 

P7032977duisburg, hauptbahnhof, 2016


P6163300the remains of the night at ostkreuz, berlin friedrichshain, 2016

auf dem damm

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAduisburg, december 2015

‘(wieder) auf dem damm (sein)’: literally ‘(to be) on the dam (again))’  is a german expression that means to be back on one’s feet again – usually after some period of illness

and apparently it’s the name of a train station in duisburg, too. i shot this picture from within the tramcar whose reflection is visible on the orange wall.

even more white stripes

more white stripes

and – no surprise here – from duisburg hauptbahnhof, too.

white stripes

white stripes

another one from duisburg’s hauptbahnhof, august 2015

the downward spirals

the downward spirals

an empty vending machine at a train station. niederrhein, 2015