night shot


berlin friedrichshain, 2022

kreuzberger nächte

P3051707berlin kreuzberg, 2020

kalter apparat ii

kalterapparatniederrhein, 2019

triple rip-off

berlin mitte, 2018

night on earth


or at least on berlin! a big thank you to Bettina and Matthias for this great photo opportunity!

berlin treptow, 2019

the night tram is coming

PC310764-Bearbeitetgot to keep on running… antwerpen, belgium, 2017


PB270781looking up in hong kong, 2017

rainy days

013_14it’s that time of the year again…

berlin, moabit, 2016

industrial light

P3081559and probably some magic, too…

duisburg, 2016


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAkottbusser tor at night. kreuzberg, berlin, 2015

night train (u1)

night train

made about an hour ago at kottbusser tor, kreuzberg, berlin. this is a train of line u1 to uhlandstrasse.

bright’n pier

bright pierthe seebrücke in ahlbeck on the island of usedom in the baltic sea. it was really dark and really windy. i loved it.


the flash

the flash

and what must be the moon. found on vienna’s prater again.

tour eiffel

tour eiffel

lost (by someone else) and  found (by me) in berlin, charlottenburg right behind bahnhof zoo.

drama queen

some (overly dramatic) pictures from ernst-reuter-platz in berlin, charlottenburg. this is the building of deutsche bank.

these are actually test shots for pictures i wanted to take with my olympus om-2n but the camera (or rather myself) failed because of drained batteries apparently. so i am quite happy that i have the digital versions at hand now. apropos hand – these were shot handheld (because the om-2n sat on the tripod already) and are quite a testament to the effectivity of the 5-axis image stabilization system built into the e-p5.

huey leaves

reddishgreenish orangeyand the night. in the meantime they are all gone… quite a leafy week on this blog. must be the season.

shot in friedrichshain last monday with the panaleica 25mm handheld… the ibis of the e-p5 seems to work reasonably well.

police filling station

police filling stationseen in charlottenburg, berlin the other night. i like the primary colours here.

stopfen aschen

stopfen aschen

seen in a dry-cleaner’s window in kreuzberg. of course it’s actually “stopfen und waschen” (darning and washing) but the the w did not make it into the frame ;)

i liked the two dresses forming a light weight dancing couple.