stop me if you think


you’ve seen this one before… niederrhein, 2019

the smiths – stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before (click, hear)

night on earth

DSC02935ok, at least on the ruhrgebiet, duisburg, 2018


escalationthis is a detail of the sculpture tiger&turtle – magic mountain by heike mutter and ulrich genth in duisburg. i liked the backdrop a lot.


imminentview on the refineries of gdańsk across the river wisła from the island of sobieszewo.

not the shadow of a doubt


but of an oak… seen just recently when the snow was gone again… (i’m sure it will return soon)


to walk a tightrope


for walking a tightrope you need one in the first place… here they are manufactured – at least for a german walk on the tightrope which is commonly referred to as a drahtseilakt (lit.: wire-rope act). i wish this would have been a bit more self-explanatory, but that’s the thing with languages…

this small company is located in süchteln a small town quite close to the small town quite close to the dutch border where i grew up and i remember that building always triggered my attention when we drove by. yesterday i finally shot it.

broken pipe

shadow play on 45 (45mm@f3.2)

through the trees (45mm@f3.2)

heaven (45mm@f2.8)

intersection (14mm@f4.5, cropped)

bent pipe (45mm@f2.8)

clouds (14mm@f4.5)

pipe's end (45mm@f2.8)

good night (14mm@f4.5)

demolished (45mm@f4.5)

the broken pipe on the “bahnstromgelände” (featured already here) in friedrichshain. i’m quite happy to have gotten these pictures in time because now it’s gone. demolished just about three weeks after i took these pictures… and i guess it had been there for quite a long time before.

on a more technical note… i’ve tried the nik color efex (demo version) plugin on these photos to bring out the nostalgic feel i had, when i took them. i think it did the trick quite well but i have the slight feeling that i’ve probably overdone it here…

on an even more technical note: i’ve experienced massive upload problems with these pictures. i had this problem already with my “misc colors” post last week. the uploader seems to work perfectly normal and then stalls while pretending to be “crunching”. i don’t know what i do wrong other that the files might be slightly bigger than “normal” but still way under one megabyte. i tried it several times, with firefox and chrome and then one by one and ended up with what you can see here now  but this procedure is obviously a bit tedious.  it seems that the upload does not even start if i interpret the output of firebug and its google counterpart correctly…

do you know this problem and probably even a solution?

shadow factory

shadow factory (m.zuiko 45mm@f5.6)

industry culture and  culture industry seem to get along quite well in revalerstrasse, friedrichshain…