owl stone

berlin tempelhof, 2021

silhouette of a camera

silhouette of a camera

shot with the m.zuiko 45mm at airport tempelhof during the campus party days in august. and yes – there is also the silhouette of a girl behind the camera.  just in case you were wondering…

container love

these pictures were taken at the defunct airport tempelhof in the heart of berlin. the containers have been used as weather barrier to separate the conference area of the campus party from the (ex-)flight field. the containers are gone now. the stripes will probably stay for a while…

shot with the m.zuiko 40-150mm and the lumix 14mm with gwc-1 conversion lens attached.

busload of sweets

busload of sweets

that bus brimming with sweets and other interesting stuff serves as a mobile kiosk. i saw it last weekend at the campus party at the now defunct airport tempelhof in berlin. after a bit of googling it seems to have a quite steady location in kreuzberg, though.

on a related matter,  another picture i took a while ago in friedrichshain.

candy kills