family resemblance

brussels, 2023

the darker days

berlin oberschöneweide, 2021

someday my ship will come

DSC09856-Bearbeitetberlin friedrichshain, 2020

another grid on the floor

P7070651rtanj, serbia, 2019

beastie boys – off the grid (click, hear)

window and curve

DSC07170a little homage to robert häusser*, poznań, poland, 2018

*if you’re interested in excellent photography, 80s video footage, philip glass(?) and swabian german: der fotograf robert häusser (click, watch)

lamp post

P6060653leipziger straße, berlin mitte, 2018

(another) yellow square

P6060645leipziger straße, berlin mitte, 2018

(short) journey to saturn


berlin alexanderplatz, 2018

sun ra – journey to saturn (click, hear)

back in the new york groove

dsc08026-bearbeitet… at least as close as it gets in berlin, germany in january 2017

ace frehley – new york groove (click, hear)



black star

DSC01253berlin, friedrichshain, 2016

autumnal post

autumn posta classic autumnal lamp post shot made in potsdam griebnitzsee.


shadow on a zebra

shadow on a zebrakind of an entry for the lamp post series. shot a little bit outside of berlin quite close to the dutch border with the panaleica 25mm.

palm window

a not so subtle allusion to my post palm door from the other day…  i really like that picture. probably because of the use of contrast on several different levels?