hallo 2022

berlin oberschöneweide, 2022

ring my bell

P8110425i’m home…

tübingen, 2018

la gare zoologique

P6280680bahnhof zoo, berlin, 2018

carte de visite

P7062997kreuzberg, berlin, 2016

abstract cymbalism

P2070523-Bearbeitetberlin lichtenberg, 2016

golden the pony ball

golden the pony ball

from venlo, the netherlands


yellow polygon

i would have loved it to be a yellow triangle or at least a yellow trapezoid but in the end it was only a polygon. but a yellow one.

from moabit, berlin.

golden temple

golden temple

wiener=wiener, würstel=sausage, stand=stand, sometimes it’s quite straight forward.

shot (also) in vienna a few weeks ago. i was lucky to find the owners on holiday so i had the stand all for myself.

let’s get out of here

let's get out of herewhether they made it i don’t know.

i liked the light a lot and the colours helped of course.