tom sachs in hamburg

excellent eccentric exhibition by tom sachs in the deichtorhallen, hamburg, 2021

highly recommended, very entertaining.

and check out these great videos:

shelter in place

hamburg, 2021

on green street

hamburg, 2021

grant green – no.1 green street (click, hear)

the sign with the p on it

and probably under it as well…, hamburg, 2021


hamburg, 2021

orange light district

hamburg, 2021

young crime

hamburg, 2021

wenn man schon mal da ist…

hamburg, 2021

strange flower

hamburg, 2021

en passant

while we’re at it…, hamburg, 2021

french family

hamburg, 2021

too hot in hamburg

or maybe erwin wurm has been practicing here? – hamburg, 2021

i’ll be your mirror

DSC06143hamburg, 2019

the velvet underground & nico – i’ll be your mirror (click, hear)

hop on

DSC06133hop off, hamburg, 2019

there’s something about marcel

hamburg, 2019

giantess (I)

pb162386hamburg, germany, 2016

lip service

pa051183-2hamburg, germany,  2016

real hamburger

pa051179hamburg, germany, 2016

point of escalation

point of escalationseen in hamburg exactly a year ago.


landungsbrücken, hamburg (details)

yellow red



to the right

yellow row

to the left

how tall am i

there’s a light


not in kansas

<UPDATE>since quite a handful of people seem to come from the dpreview forum entry about the m.zuiko 40-150mm: you can find a lot more image samples on this blog by clicking this: </UPDATE>

those were taken on a (very) recent trip to hamburg. i noticed again how much i really like the 40-150mm zoom. i had not used it for a while – actually since i got the 45mm – but sometimes nothing beats a nice compression effect (like in the 475 picture).  if you want to know a little more about the landungsbrücken in hamburg-st. pauli check (as usual) wikipedia.