happy holidays y’all!

and better watch out for the giant christmas tree spider… seems to be active at least in berlin lichtenberg, 2022


berlin weissensee, 2021


st. petri, rostock, 2020

organ donor

st. marien, rostock, 2020

dj shadow – organ donor (click, hear)


berlin, charlottenburg, 2020

hide and seek

P6082946-Bearbeitetthe church always lost! berlin mitte, 2019


st. petersburg, 2018

peter and paul

DSC07081poznań, poland, 2018

tighte strukturen / tight structures

P4230414 bremen, 2018

basilica santa maria della salute (II)

DSC05373it has nice towers, too

venice, italy, 2017

first take the beam out of your own eye

DSC05602i’ve let it stay in mine…

chiesa del cristo re (1929), sant’erasmo, laguna di venezia, 2017

de kerk

DSC03787den burg, the netherlands, 2017

postcard from berlin II

DSC02834st.michael kirche, berlin mitte 2016

at the crossroads

dsc08077st. richard, berlin neukölln, 2017

between a rock and a hard place

DSC04488tübingen, august 2016



trompe l’œil

greetings from venlo, the netherlands

who is the greatest

who is the greatest

i guess the one in the middle wins…

this is the bell tower of  san bartolomeo in venice, italy, very close to the rialto bridge.

lighting strikes

Basílica da Estrela

Basílica da Estrela

this lighting struck me when entering the basílica da estrela in lisbon. i don’t do a lot of church interiors normally but when travelling i’m always trying to have a at least a glimpse. i’ve revisited the shots i took in lisbon last year and maybe there will be some follow-ups on this post. this post itself is a follow-up on this one: lisboa triste.

furthermore this motif appeared seasonally not completely inappropriate to me ;)

see you on the other side of the holidays!