berlin charlottenburg, 2023

knock loud, i’m home (brussels edition)

brussels, 2023


berlin kreuzberg, 2022


berlin friedrichshain, 2021

drip take

berlin lichtenberg, 2021


today… 🥵 berlin wedding, 2021

kids these days

berlin wedding, 2021

im 80. stockwerk

berlin schöneberg, 2020

hildegard knef – im 80. stockwerk (click, hear)

on reflection ii

DSC09751berlin friedrichshain, 2020


niederrhein, 2020

kalter apparat ii

kalterapparatniederrhein, 2019

closing in on rotterdam

DSC05161-Bearbeitetrotterdam, 2019

2d cubism

DSC02569-Bearbeitet-2berlin friedrichshain, 2019

taken with my sony a7 iii and a vintage olympus om zuiko 65-200mm f4 one-touch zoom.

cylindrically red

P3302164berlin schöneberg, 2019


DSC07932carl zeiß building in carl-zeiß-street in jena, 2018

*yes, it’s that carl zeiß – ß is the so called ‘scharfes s’ in german orthography and if you want to capitalise it, you’ll have to write a double S – hence ZEISS.

one way street

PB062103berlin mitte, 2018

no place like home

DSC07377niederrhein, 2018

window burner

DSC01194tübingen, 2018

bus stops

P2260096sankt petersburg, russia, 2018

some brown in town


berlin friedrichshain, 2018

if anybody has an idea what brand this car is, please comment. i did forget to check…

EDIT: tumblr user grischa808 provided me with the solution: it’s a toyota corolla E110 3-door hatchback (ca. 1995) – and if you don’t believe that – believe wikipedia!