DSC00880düsseldorf, 2020

sun blocker ii

DSC09745berlin lichtenberg, 2020

surface study

DSC00455berlin friedrichshain, 2020


DSC00091-Bearbeitetberlin charlottenburg, 2020

prince – sign o’ the times (click, hear)

rain pipes

DSC07392-Bearbeitetberlin friedrichshain, 2019

ostdeutscher weg

DSC09996-Bearbeitetniederrhein, 2019

the whip

berlin moabit, 2019

on not going full circle

P9091003barcelona, 2018

i like ice (and the sunshine)

DSC03949-4berlin mitte, 2018

the institute of biology II

DSC08010berlin mitte, 2017

(my 1337th post here)


DSC02519prignitz, brandenburg, 2017

sound and vision

DSC01381-Bearbeitetberlin, 2017

baywatch (detail)

DSC00559yellow essentials at the beach of dishoek, the netherlands, 2017

fluctuat nec mergitur

pb122150a very nice minimalistic small piece by found in a house entrance in berlin mitte, 2016


p9102211shadows in st. jean de luz, september, 2016

more on street marks

dsc05075-bearbeitetthis time from bayonne, france, 2016

the di\/|der

P5273035a railing, some stairs, some stones

topographie des terrors, berlin mitte, 2016


DSC01825berlin charlottenburg, 2016

lamp without a post

DSC01454berlin, friedrichshain, 2016

let there be light

P5102828but there wasn’t a light…

friedrichshain, berlin, 2016