all eyes

berlin, wedding, 2020

der puschel

berlin, wedding, 2020

the big one

berlin, wedding, 2020

the slender three

berlin wedding, 2020

gehe vor bis zur badstraße

berlin, wedding, 2020

rule of thirds

and a birch, berlin, wedding, 2020

stars (and stripes)

berlin, wedding, 2020

vanishing point

berlin, wedding, 2020

primal scream – get duffy (click, hear)


and we’re back in crowded berlin! wedding, 2020



i suppose this window in berlin wedding was a trap set up for photographers – and i fell into it…


DSC05850berlin, wedding, 2018

panthera onca

DSC05852berlin wedding, 2018


behind the wheel

P1310036-Bearbeitet-2berlin, wedding, 2016

ad lib

P1310031-Bearbeitetberlin, wedding, 2016


P1310050-Bearbeiteta jaguar 3.8 s automatic (1963-1968)

wedding, berlin, 2016

upstract skyline

upstract skyline

from wedding, berlin.

i really like how that turned out :)

art accidentelle

art accidentellehanging out to dry in wedding, berlin.



i am having difficulties to describe what we have here… this is basically a robot.

behind that robot there is a ‘schlauchwehranlage im automatikbetrieb‘ which apparently translates quite directly as ‘inflatable rubber dam in automatic mode’ and i guess that sounds similarly ridiculous as it does in german. only for the uninitiated of course, no offense to the hydrologists and dam builders among the readers!

unfortunately the inflatable rubber dam was not inflated at the time of this shot so – coming back to the beginning – what we see here is the grating with which the rubber is shielded from debris. The thingies hanging above these gratings are giant robot hands that go down the gratings and get all the stuff that gets caught by these and put it into expectant containers on the right. circle of life! (not really…)

i found that whole installation quite impressive. probably even more so because it’s in the middle of berlin in the little river that gave name to the pankow district – the river panke.

catch up

catch up I catch up II catch up (xxl)

i spotted this shop window in wedding from my s-bahn going to work the other morning. i hesitated a second but then stepped off the train and shot these promisingly red blobs full of presumably hot sauce.

silhouette, homeless

silhouette, homelessstattbad wedding again. the silhouette is about 10cm in height (and maybe she is just out for shopping…)