blue (yellow) wednesday

berlin charlottenburg, 2021

panthera onca

DSC05852berlin wedding, 2018


two horses

pa141215a citroën 2cv in berlin moabit, october 2016

power steering

power steering

i really like how the looks of the interior of a first generation honda accord (1976-1981) are already very close to being classic (probably they are there already)…

from st. malo, france


goddessthe interior of a citroen ds found in berlin moabit. i have a weak spot for this kind of retro futurism and, of course, reflections…

i posted this picture earlier already on nientedavendere, my other blog that i maintain together with my friend h.

we try to do a simple question-answer game with pictures on that site. most of the times he has both better questions and answers…