hong kong

night over hong kong 香港

that’s that for hong kong… pictures taken november/december 2017

traffic in hong kong 香港

hong kong, winter 2017

markets of hong kong 香港

as promised… the journey continues… some impressions from some hong kong markets, winter 2017

back to hong kong 香港

but only on my hard drive – all shots: hong kong, 2017, one year ago… more to come (and some already here)


PB270492victoria peak, hong kong, 2017

this post concludes my second part of pictures from hong kong. if you’d like to see more, just search for the tag “hong kong” (or simply click on this link :))

street light

PC020441i thoroughly enjoyed the nice light at this street crossing in hong kong, 2017

split screen

PB291156.jpgfrom the upper deck of a tram in hong kong, 2017

rose-coloured glasses

PB260191i didn’t need them in hong kong, 2017

take them to church

PB280880hong kong, 2017

old news

PB280866hong kong, november 2017

coke in the streets

PB270441hong kong, 2017

tribute to a bus

PB270443hong kong, 2017

18th dye – poolhouse blue [from the ‘tribute to a bus’ album] (click,hear)


PB260126hong kong, 2017

doin’ the dishes

PC010089hong kong, 10000 buddhas monastery, 2017


PB301439hong kong, 2017


PB270781looking up in hong kong, 2017

arrow prone

PB260109-2looking down in hong kong, 2017

the vent

PB260106Hong Kong, 2017

ramping up

PB260289-2Hong Kong, 2017