the wall

the wallthis was also shot in copenhagen last weekend. these walls are almost everywhere in the city because they are used to hide the construction sites behind them. i really dig their soothing green.

as you might have noticed already in the last post, i was going quite wide in copenhagen. i hadn’t used the 14mm let alone the conversion lens for a good while*. so it was a real pleasure using this combination again.

*with the exception of the spring breakout three weeks ago


  1. I like that they try to hide what everyone knows is going on behind the wall…here in CT they cover up the beer cooler in stores with a tarp when sales are forbidden by law…hummm, I can’t see the alcohol, so I guess I don’t want a drink…

  2. Nice photo/composition. Here, in the Netherlands, all these construction-place-hiding-walls look different; and have peep-holes so that everyone can see whats going on; and there is no need to climb over the wall driven by a too strong curiosity.

    1. bedankt, harrie. that’s why i found it so interesting because here in germany we also don’t have such stylish walls at construction sites. most of the time quite ugly metal fences are used so we don’t even need peep-holes ;)

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