into the blue

_a301003mitte, berlin, 2016

on a tent

P6216929berlin prenzlauer berg, 2017

don’t dead

pb061947-2berlin friedrichshain, 2016

today, 26th of november: vernissage at freiluftgalerie berlin.  I’m so excited… 

the monty hall situation

pb122152i guess i’ll just take the middle door… no, wait! 

berlin, mitte, 2016


_a301018-001berlin mitte, 2016

potsdamer platz

_a300979berlin, october 2016

istanbulian dream

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAkottbusser tor, kreuzberg, berlin, 2015

fairground attractions

fairground attractions

st. malo, just extra muros at night.

night train (u1)

night train

made about an hour ago at kottbusser tor, kreuzberg, berlin. this is a train of line u1 to uhlandstrasse.

uphill battle

uphillfought in copenhagen last year.

flying v

flying vanother shot from my visit at teufelsberg. made with the lumix 14mm and wide conversion lens gwc-1 attached.

looking up

looking upanother one from my visit on teufelsberg. shot with the gwc-1 wide conversion lens.


edicolaedicola at the beach in porto san giorgio.

edicola once was a word for a small temple (lat. aedicula). i don’t know whether today’s use of edicola for a kiosk is a nod to the original worshipping of idols that took place in aediculis back then?

double entendre

double entryyay! an entry for both lamp post and window series. made in copenhagen a few weeks ago.

quality hot dogs

quality hot dogsthat’s of course copenhagen again. these hot dog stands (pølser vagn) can be found everywhere in copenhagen. but most of the times they are not nearly as pure and simple as axsel’s here but cluttered with ads and pictures of the products.

it’s also the lumix 14mm and gwc-1 conversion lens again, (i like the distortion in this picture so i decided to leave it as it is)


hedginganother shot from our visit to copenhagen last week. square trees in the yard of christiansborg. made with the lumix 14mm and gwc-1 conversion lens again…

the wall

the wallthis was also shot in copenhagen last weekend. these walls are almost everywhere in the city because they are used to hide the construction sites behind them. i really dig their soothing green.

as you might have noticed already in the last post, i was going quite wide in copenhagen. i hadn’t used the 14mm let alone the conversion lens for a good while*. so it was a real pleasure using this combination again.

*with the exception of the spring breakout three weeks ago

nature vs.

nature vs.picture made in nørrebro, copenhagen this weekend.

spring breakout

spring breakout IIIspring breakout Ispring breakout II

time for some wide angle shots. luckily i had the 14mm with converter at hand. i hope it helped emphasising the dynamics the tree was brimming with.

container love

these pictures were taken at the defunct airport tempelhof in the heart of berlin. the containers have been used as weather barrier to separate the conference area of the campus party from the (ex-)flight field. the containers are gone now. the stripes will probably stay for a while…

shot with the m.zuiko 40-150mm and the lumix 14mm with gwc-1 conversion lens attached.