something completely different

at least on this blog… plants! shot in different formats with four different lenses at three different places in two different cities.

hydrangea (45mm)

fern (40mm)

lavender (20mm)

sage (28mm macro with extension tube)

n.b.: these are of course not really the first pictures of plants on this blog (see here), but they don’t pop up here that often.


  1. Nice! I’m especially fond of the Lavender, and I really love that lens that you shot it with.
    Does the title of this post point to a Python predilection?

    1. thank you, john! the lavender is my favourite, too. the hydrangea comes in as a close second, though. the 20mm is indeed fabulous. it’s my “always on” lens. regarding monty python: one could say i’m familiar with their work ;)

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