when ebay gives you lemons, make lemonade

i recently got a nice all-black olympus om-2 film camera from ebay. i was pretty excited to try it because i got all those nice om zuiko or at least om compatible lenses and i never really shot film before. so i put in a roll of (quite old) kodak ektachrome 200 (by courtesy of my girlfriend) and took it out for a short stroll to the neighborhood. the negatives were ready after three days and got scanned and burned on cd, too (at rossmann). that’s what i got in the package i took home.

take that hipstamatic ;)

sorry, was that leaky or lucky?

btw. all pictures got a bit pushed contrast wise… it was really impressive how low contrast can get.

the yard

a heart for slackers

berlin 2012

new york dogs

cups of tea

i kind of like the leaky effect but of course you could add that in post quite easily nowadays if you are so inclined. what’s not so easy or at least i don’t know a good way of doing this is the very nice film grain.

online shoes

winter colors

what’s more the handling of the om-2 is really really nice. it is solidly built but not too heavy and has a nice metal feeling. and is has the looks !

probably i’ll send this one back and try to get another one.

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