zuiko 40-150mm

bottle triplet

i saw this triplet a while ago on builder’s beach* at ostkreuz. i found the straight line the bottles were forming quite appealing.

* of course there is no builder’s beach at ostkreuz. but sometimes i wish it was.

the phantom of the philharmonie

berliner philharmonie at dusk - seen from tiergarten

i noticed this view on the philharmonie in berlin through the trees (or most probably a slightly different one) on a bicycle ride to schöneberg that led through the tiergarten.  i was thrilled and decided to return on another day and take some pictures. meanwhile i’ve returned three times and i can not manage to get the image that i remember from the very first sight. these are nevertheless a close enough approximation so you might get the idea.

the following are detail views of the angel sitting on the philharmonie building. i was not able to find out it’s function or whether it even has one besides looking interesting.

the angel through the trees

the angel from a different angle

angel from a different angle

and that’s what i saw when i turned around (spooooooooky)

autophotophenomenon in tiergarten park

molecule man

at the point where  treptow, kreuzberg and friedrichshain meet lives the molecule man, but that’s  another story actually…

molecule man