he who is not to be named is coming

p2250842-2friedrichshain, berlin, 2016


P2060150-Bearbeitetrolling down the autobahn from s-bahnhof bundesplatz, berlin, 2016

anhängerverleih means trailer rental btw.

the big mustard

P1239985-Bearbeitetwarschauer strasse, friedrichshain, berlin, 2016

yellow, snow

P1239958-Bearbeitetprobably the last snow for a while here in berlin… winter seems to have taken a break now.

friedrichshain, berlin, 2016


mirror tree

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAoh, this special kind of window tree…

friedrichshain, berlin, 2016

exercise in futility

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAit’s cold outside (laurie anderson) (click, hear)

berlin, moabit, 2016

winter tour

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAniederrhein, december 2015


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAanother hedge from the place where i grew up… there seems to be an almost infinite supply of new hedges

shot with the olympus m.zuiko 75mm f1.8 at f2.8 in the warmest december in germany on record.

ice flowers


(seems to be a theme going on here… )

still wintry in berlin


still wintry in berlin

a polar bear and the water tower at ostkreuz, friedrichshain.

red flag

red flag

waving at ostkreuz, friedrichshain.

neapolitan slice

neapolitan slicewe do call that kind of ice cream fürst-pückler-eis here in germany… somehow the three colours behind the tree reminded me of it. i guess you could call it a bit far fetched, though.


transitionstill some leaves left. but winter is close.

this is for my nephew who transitions to his sixth year today.

hol kohlen – winter’s coming

hol kohlen

hol kohlen! get coals!

this is from berlin schöneberg and it’s of course actually holZ & kohlen (wood & coals) but somehow the Z and the ampersand* have gone astray. and probably the coal merchant, too.


*it could of course have been a ‘+’ or a ‘u.’ (for ‘und’) instead of an ampersand. but i really like the word ampersand, so i stick with it :)

be yourself take a picture

be yourself

tomorrow i’m going to vienna again, where coincidentally this picture has been taken last year.

i’m going to spend a long photography weekend together with j.h., my dear friend and the initiator of our collaborative picture book effort over at

we are both going to take quite some stuff with us… lucky me, that i’m an m43 guy. my m43 circus will probably attend completely, the polaroid ee100 will have a little workout and probably the olympus rc35 will fit in there somewhere. i’ll leave the pentacon six in berlin, nevertheless i’m afraid i might need some physiotherapy next week ;)

i hope we can skip the snowy bits of viennese weather this year. i’m not sure whether i really prefer the forecast rain, though.

see you on the other side of the weekend!

still winter

still winterluckily the tiled stove was burning…

another set of primaries i liked a lot (ok, i know i’m using the term ‘primary colour’ quite loosely but bear with me, please)

guess what the mailman brought today

guess what the mailman brought todayyup, snow… this picture is from last year nevertheless and not even taken in berlin but in vienna

windmills on my mind

windmills on my mindthis picture should of course not be confused with the great song with quite a similar name the windmills of your mind (linked here in the incredible dusty springfield version)

la dame bleue

la dame bleuefound in vienna this spring (i admit it looks like winter but … ok, it was quite wintry)

closing time

closing timeshot in wien. seems like an eternity ago. (it’s just three weeks!)