old adage

old adage

this great view can be found in berlin, moabit.

i apologize for the pun that might not even be funny because probably no one with english as her mother tongue would do a joke involving age old ads and adage… (except maybe the ad agency of the very name)

handle with care

handle with carethe door handle of an old mercedes fire engine. friedrichshain, berlin.


låseapparently the neon sign of a locksmith with tradition. the literal meaning appropriately seems to be ‘lock(s)’. seen in nørrebro, copenhagen.


kegeln 2

kegeln 1i don’t know much about kegeln but i know it’s quite a lot of fun. i like the glow in both pictures a lot.

20 litres

10 litresseen at the junk dealer’s, friedrichshain.