some brown in town


berlin friedrichshain, 2018

if anybody has an idea what brand this car is, please comment. i did forget to check…

EDIT: tumblr user grischa808 provided me with the solution: it’s a toyota corolla E110 3-door hatchback (ca. 1995) – and if you don’t believe that – believe wikipedia!

the night tram is coming

PC310764-Bearbeitetgot to keep on running… antwerpen, belgium, 2017

steamy window (again)

PB040177-4a vw karman ghia in berlin friedrichshain, 2017

old glory

PA210687niederrhein, 2017

more on photo porst (once the “largest photo house in the world“) in german and the same here in broken english

old news

DSC06814berlin friedrichshain, 2016

the newspaper in this advertising sign is most probably from bill clinton’s first inauguration day – wednesday, january 20, 1993.  the headline says “die welt hofft auf einen wandel” – “the world is hoping for a change”. so not much different from today. 

unfortunately the online archive of berliner zeitung only starts in 1994…


DSC04675i learned a new word in kassel, 2017


if one door closes

DSC03387this one doesn’t care

berlin mitte, 2017

horses for courses

DSC09356berlin mitte, 2017

swedish ensemble

DSC09603friedrichshain, berlin, 2017


DSC00443detail of a citroën dyane found in veere, the netherlands, 2017

steamy window

dsc07983detail of a peugeot 304 from berlin kreuzberg, january 2017


into the barroom

dsc07478berlin,  friedrichshain, december 2016

a song featuring a barroom ingeniously: bill callahan’s seagull (click, hear) 

wuhindrih warn

DSC04427tübingen, 2016

w. beuerle buchbinderei schreibwaren

door (camouflaged)

DSC03579kreuzberg, berlin, 2016

into the blue

DSC02831berlin, kreuzberg, 2016


P4022178berlin, mitte, 2016

steering wheel

steering wheel

another reflection on the citroen ds from moabit, berlin

world domination

world domination

from berlin kreuzberg, 2015

right through


an opel kadett c in berlin friedrichshain.

this crane is not for you to climb

this cranefrom duisburg’s inner harbour.

the title of this post is probably a slightly more poetic rendering than the literal translation of this vintage german verboten-sign.