Déjà vu

one year later

photo booth in vienna, one year later

i’m back from my trip to vienna and i’m still sifting all the photos i’ve taken. it’s been quite a long time that i had a week here without any post. i hope you’re still out there!?

we had a great weekend and have been really lucky with the weather which really helped with getting some pictures. here are some of them, others will definitely follow…

be yourself take a picture

be yourself

tomorrow i’m going to vienna again, where coincidentally this picture has been taken last year.

i’m going to spend a long photography weekend together with j.h., my dear friend and the initiator of our collaborative picture book effort over at

we are both going to take quite some stuff with us… lucky me, that i’m an m43 guy. my m43 circus will probably attend completely, the polaroid ee100 will have a little workout and probably the olympus rc35 will fit in there somewhere. i’ll leave the pentacon six in berlin, nevertheless i’m afraid i might need some physiotherapy next week ;)

i hope we can skip the snowy bits of viennese weather this year. i’m not sure whether i really prefer the forecast rain, though.

see you on the other side of the weekend!


gksand another one from beautiful vienna in the snow.


downstairswaits the donaukanal. another one from snowy vienna.

guess what the mailman brought today

guess what the mailman brought todayyup, snow… this picture is from last year nevertheless and not even taken in berlin but in vienna

la dame bleue

la dame bleuefound in vienna this spring (i admit it looks like winter but … ok, it was quite wintry)


votetoday the elections to the bundestag are held in germany. this again is a picture from vienna, austria.

street photography

street 1 street 2

shot in vienna (but could have been anywhere of course)

amazing! clever!!

amazing! clever!AND linguistic!!! that makes three of my favourite adjectives (yes, participial adjectives do count, too). of course it’s rather the properties they denote than the words themselves. they are not even close to something like cellar door ;) unfortunately i hadn’t had the time to visit this exhibition when in wien but at least it was (more than) enough time to get this picture. i love how the shallow dof throws the tree in the foreground completely out of conscious perception.

closing time

closing timeshot in wien. seems like an eternity ago. (it’s just three weeks!)

all ears

all ears21° celsius forecast for berlin next week…? i’m not convinced! this shot is from wien anyway.

under way

in fahrt

in fahrt

elevator door (detail), 1971, wien. photography taken 2013.

someday my spring will come

spring has sprungit simply can’t go on like this forever…  seen in wien last week.

on another note: check out miles davis’ someday my prince will come

the delivery

the deliverythe easter bunny has delivered. seen in wien (vienna) last monday.

shot with the full-frame behemoth sony a99 that i have the pleasure to review at the moment. (just in case you were wondering how i achieved that shallow dof with my trusty e-pl1… i didn’t)