against amnesia (2018)

as usual a little retrospective will conclude the year here on .documenting.the.obvious. thanks a lot to all visitors new and especially all the regular ones! without you it would be only half (at most) the fun :-)

have a good 2019!

because of the huge success (*cough*) of my “best of the year spotify playlist” last year, i’ll continue with this new tradition as if nothing happened. i know spotify might not be the ideal medium for this but i think at the moment it’s the best one available. but i’m open for suggestions of course!


this blog will have resumed normal operations most probably by the end of next week.



DSC07428venlo, the netherlands, 2018

shadow on the wall (again)

DSC03129venlo, the netherlands, 2018


DSC03117venlo, the netherlands, 2018


P4140033venlo, the netherlands, 2018

red angle

P4140021venlo, the netherlands, 2018

at the dark end of the street


this time in venlo, the netherlands, 2018

at the dark end of the street – james carr (click, hear)

end of year ball

PC273101venlo, the netherlands, 2016

the year is coming to an end and this blog is very close to entering the frozen zone between the years.

three windows

pc273104detail of a former gas station in venlo, the netherlands, december 2016

it’s apparently not simply one former gas station but in fact the oldest still existing gas station building in the whole of the netherlands. it was built in 1933, is now part of the limburgs museum and can be rented as a meeting room.

modern jazz quartet – three windows (click, hear)


trompe l’œil

pc273121street art from venlo, the netherlands, december 2016

…and a big thank you to Ben Huberman for featuring me on wordpress’ very own discovery channel. i feel quite honoured and this feature really makes the statistics view sing :)


pc273147a tree, reflections, yellow… of course i could not resist.

venlo, the netherlands, december 2016

daily paper

P7012390venlo, the netherlands, 2016


P7012407you guessed it – potatoes… i really liked the bold typography here.

venlo, the netherlands, 2016


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAvenlo, the netherlands, 2015

golden the pony ball

golden the pony ball

from venlo, the netherlands

trompe l’œil

greetings from venlo, the netherlands



venlo, 2015

when the music’s over

when the music's over

a faint echo of carnival from venlo, the netherlands.

just in case you’re interested – this shot was made with the ‘full frame’ sony a7 camera and my trusty olympus om zuiko 100mm lens. i really like this combination a lot. unfortunately i had to return the a7 much too early for my taste…

premonitions of autumn

premonitions of autumnoh no, not already at this time of the year ;)

shot in venlo, the netherlands (but could of course have been anywhere)

cylon tower

cylon tower

a warm welcome by the cylons… this building is apparently supposed to house public service. that’s architecture i don’t really understand but nevertheless (or probably therefore) find fascinating. and i have to admit, the building in colour and bright light is not as intimidating as it might come across here… ;)

seen in venlo, the netherlands.